We’re experts in helping oil and gas companies efficiently manage surplus inventories in order to maximize cash flow and keep assets in prime condition.
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About Us

We help companies turn excess OCTG assets into cash.

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Trading Heritage International is an experienced surplus company you can trust. We have a background in pipe distribution, and know exactly how to accurately assess inventory, market it, and sell it for the highest return for our customers.

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We’re your best resource for providing top-level pricing in the shortest time possible. THI’s proven process enables our team to quickly customize a disposal strategy for any surplus. Key components of our process include: thorough inspection, detailed documentation, and proprietary software that enables us to provide data-backed, non-biased valuation.

Reverse Supply Chain

At Trading Heritage, we have a repeatable disposition process that saves time and gets our customers more return on their surplus.

By using a repeatable process, we’re able to measure results and develop a customized system for each customer. We apply an integrated strategy of operations and sales that works together. This enables THI to get a recovery value 200-300% higher than traditional disposal means.

Cataloging Your Surplus

We have a thorough process of inspection and documentation:

  • Physical inventory count at location
  • Photographic cataloging
  • Full inventory report with spreadsheet and online portal
  • Refined QA/QC plan geared toward recovering the most value out of surplus material

Value & Analysis

  • We take your list and assign each item to the most profitable market
  • We provide a time frame and examples for your sales strategy. We offer time-value oriented programs to achieve the highest return in the least amount of time
  • We offer proprietary software to help determine value and timing
  • Decisions are based on past performance and hard facts—not personal opinion

Proprietary Marketing Software

  • Material Market is specifically geared toward surplus pipe sales
  • No mill requirements or political loyalty to connections and manufacturers
  • Bringing the buyers and sellers to one marketplace
  • For the last 5 years, we’ve accumulated a steady stream of customers who are used to buying hard-to-find items and surplus from THI
  • Marketing material goes to the right buyers with immediate needs
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Final Disposal

  • THI is one of the largest global buyers of surplus tubulars
  • Proven high bidder over the last 5 years
  • Proven buyers in up-and-down markets
  • No lot is too large—THI has purchased lots of up to 15,000 tons
Sell Your Surplus

Sell Your Surplus

Trading Heritage International turns your surplus pipe into cash that can be put toward drilling operations and company growth.

No matter what your surplus consists of, THI will help you sell it for the highest value possible:

- OCTG (Prime, Repairable, Reject, & Used)
- Secondary Steel - Structural Steel
- Line Pipe
- Tubular Products & Accessories
- Conductor Casing
- Scrap

Why choose Trading Heritage to sell your surplus?

Our online platform is specifically geared toward marketing surplus material.

THI’s targeted marketing gets your material in front of the right buyers with immediate need.

THI’s Financing terms expand the market of viable buyers who can purchase your inventory.

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Material Market is a global platform designed to streamline your business operations in the surplus market.

Whether you are buying or selling—this tool has solved the inefficiencies of surplus tubular disposal by bringing buyers and sellers together in one marketplace. Buyers can easily navigate to find the pipe they need. And sellers can simply and efficiently list the pipe they have to sell.

Go To Material Market™

Trading Heritage is Your #1 Choice for Inventory Disposal

  • Highest Cost Recovery Value
  • THI Proven Process
  • Customizable Time-Value Recovery Model
  • Same-Day Cash
  • Quality Assurance & THI Guarantee
  • Every THI offer is 100% Guaranteed
  • Thorough Inventory Verification
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Global Purchasing Power
  • Full Yard Clean-Outs
  • Proprietary Software
  • Material Market™
  • Complete Set of Marketing Tools


We maximize your surplus recovery value with our ability to offer THI Certified Products.

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